treet – grown locally, sawn locally, sold locally

I love timber. I like milling it, climbing it and working with it. It has to be the oldest and most useful resource known to man.

Our wood comes from tree surgery operations and various local estates. All of it is sourced from within the UK. In the UK we have some of the best variety of timber that can be found anywhere in the world yet much of this wood is not being used. When seeing a tree felled many people would say ‘what a shame’ or ‘they shouldn’t be cutting that tree down!’

Far better would be to ask whether the tree could be turned into something useful or whether another tree is to be planted in its place. We have a wealth of wood in this country that is not being used. This is not because there isn’t the ability to find it or plank it,  but rather it tends to be a non standard product that is difficult to market and sell.

Our aim is to turn fallen trees into planks and solid furniture. Off cuts and smaller logs are split, bagged and dried for firewood. All our wood is for sale and we want to make a business of re using the resources we have around us by milling, drying, working and selling as locally as possible.